Our peonies from the West-Frysian soil.

The unique location in Oostwoud ensures that the flowers blossom just a bit later, allowing us to supply them later in the seasons when they are sufficiently mature. The flowers we grow here, are the popular Sarah Bernhardt, the dark Dr Fleming, the Coral Sunset, the large flower of Monsieur Jules Elie, the creamy white Immaculee, the cheerful, bright pink Pink Panther and the most craved white peony Duchesse de Nemours.
Emiel Karsten

"We ensure that all our flowers are worthy of the 5-star quality. We achieve this by giving attention through craftsmanship and passion"

Emiel Karsten
Purchasing peonies

Coral Sunset

The colour of this flower changes from pink to salmon and reminds you of the beautiful skies at sunset. Gorgeous in the vase with its long, solid stem and large flower on top that opens up to its rosette. She looks best together with her peers or as a single flower.

Doctor Alexander Fleming

A strong and popular peony whose beauty will not deteriorate as a result of transport and putting it into a vase. Can be well-combined with other types of peonies, such as the lighter Sarah Bernardt.

Duchesse De Nemours

Due to the serene snow-white colour it is very suitable for official or festive events. Can be excellently combined in a mixed bouquet. This wonderfully white flower spreads a very pleasant odour.


A gorgeous creamy white flower that can easily be used for a mixed bouquet. The Immaculee provides that romantic summery feeling. Less serious and softer than the Duchesse De Nemours.

Monsieur Jules Elie

A majestic, huge flower with a beautiful heart, surrounded by large leaves that make the heart even more attractive. This classic looks beautiful in large buildings.

Pink Panther

A bright pink flower that radiates a sense of happiness. This cheerful full flower looks great in a vase, surrounded by peers, but also in a mixed bouquet. In addition, the Pink Panther has a wonderfully sweet odour.

Sarah Bernardt

The absolute queen among the Peonies. It is the strongest where transport is concerned and the most popular among lovers of flowers. This flower depicts the spring.