It is not the numbers, it is the perfection that counts.

Peony nursery with love for flowers.

At De Witte Ridder the rhythm of nature is being used to work with. We do not allow time pressure to lead us. We study the growing phase of the plant and thanks to our experience, we know what it needs. As such, we work with flowers day and night. From keeping an eye on the weather forecast, soil examination, crop protection, nurturing, watering up to applying fertiliser. Also the careful cutting, processing, proper cooling and transport using our own means is part of that. Everything is being done meticulously and at the right time. We learn from each seasonal cycle and make detailed adjustments for every aspect of the process to achieve the highest possible quality.

“I believe, by making an extra effort and listening to what the flowers need and not letting time pressure lead us, we can grow a perfect peony”

Emiel Karsten

Attention results in growth

A little extra effort

Because we are a small nursery, we can give more attention to our flowers and deliver high quality. The unique location ensures that the flowers come out a little later, so we can deliver later in the season with the right ripeness.

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